Crusader Cash is a Muskegon Catholic Education Foundation Fund that allows enrolled and active Crusader Cash families to earn rewards used to offset their tuition. Opportunities to EARN include purchasing SCRIP, as well as participating in various selling opportunities each Fall: Wesco popcorn buckets and Lakeshore coupon books. Families also have opportunities to win rewards for participating in EARN programs and by volunteering.

Guidelines for rewards on family accounts:

  1. Rewards earned and won June through May are posted on June tuition statements for the following school year.
  2. Rewards cannot be transferred to another Crusader Cash account or be withdrawn as cash.
  3. Rewards will not be applied toward next year’s tuition unless the current year’s tuition obligations are met.
  4. Rewards cannot be used to pay past due tuition balances.

Crusader Cash family accounts are listed by the last & first name of the person registering students(s) at MCC along with their family Smart Tuition number. Their email will be added to the Crusader Cash email list and will receive monthly newsletters and updates from the Crusader Cash Committee on how to Earn & Win rewards.

All registered families at MCC are able to Earn rewards toward their tuition in any of the Earn programs.


Car Raffle Tickets are sold for $50 and the Crusader Cash family who sells the ticket will earn $5 in rewards. The drawing takes place in October.

Wesco Popcorn Buckets are sold each Fall for $15.00 and you EARN $7.50. Buyers get FREE refills from date of purchase until the end of the following year. Active order forms are posted in August and can be found in the Forms section of this webpage.

Little Caesars Pizza Kits, Crazy Bread Kits and Cookie Kits are ordered in August and earn $6 per item.

Wesco and Meat Block Gift Cards are ordered in June. Cards have a face value of $25 each. Wesco cards earn 3% and Meat Block cards earn 5%.

Lakeshore Coupon Books are sold in the Fall for $25 and you EARN $12.50. Books contain $5,000+ worth of savings locally and nation wide. Coupons are good from date of purchase through the following year. A sample of the Lakeshore Coupon Book is available to view online. Active order forms are posted in the Fall and can be found Forms section of this webpage.

By Participating in EARN programs you have chances to WIN Rewards.

All registered families at MCC are able to Earn rewards toward their tuition in any of the Earn programs.


Great Lakes SCRIP– is handled through Jeff Plyler in the MCC Business office. Reach out to Jeff for assistance to open your SCRIP account. The MCC Business office will show your scrip rebates on your June tuition statement.

If you buy SCRIP and you want a chance to WIN Rewards, you need to submit an online Crusader Cash SCRIP Account Form by May 1 each year. Winners are drawn only from those families who submit forms to the Crusader Cash Committee and have EARNED rebates June through May each year. If someone is also buying SCRIP for your family account then submit a form for them and their names are also entered into the drawing to WIN rewards for you.

By Participating in EARN programs you have chances to WIN Rewards.

Your family must be an active Crusader Cash family to have any rewards you win during the year posted to your account in June.

An active family

  1. participates in at least ONE earn reward program posted on the Crusader Cash webpage under EARN rewards.
  2. volunteers a minimum of 10 hours in Crusader Cash approved volunteer opportunities and submits online volunteer timesheets. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the Crusader Cash webpage.

More information about how to win rewards is available in this Win Rewards Google Doc.

Gift Rewards to a Crusader Cash family!

Gift rewards to MCC Students and MCC Parents to assist them with their tuition.

These make great Holiday gifts, Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation gifts, Thank you gifts, and Birthday gifts for both parents and students.

Rewards are applied to the designated Crusader Cash Family account for the next year’s tuition.

For more information on how to GIFT Rewards email:

In order to WIN rewards, the minimum annual volunteer hours of 10 hours per family must be met. Please be sure to complete the Volunteer Timesheet found under the Forms tab on this page so you get credit for your hours.

Some examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Athletic Department – selling tickets, working concessions, driving teams to sporting events, volunteer coaching – this is a year round opportunity
  • Building & Grounds – year round help inside & outside
  • Classroom or Library Helper- chaperone field trips, drive students to events, read in library, clean & inventory books
  • Crusader Cash Committee helper – year round
  • Crusader Golf Outing – Aug
  • Dream Garden – Spring, Summer, early Fall
  • Member of Green & Gold Club, Board of Trustee, Elementary Home & School, High School Parent Group
  • Race for Education- Elementary Fundraiser
  • Rainbow Auction  – help is needed before, during and cleaning up after the Auction. 
  • Theatre Department- building sets, selling tickets, helping with costumes, makeup, etc.

At the beginning of each school year, all parent email addresses registered in PowerSchool will automatically be added to the Crusader Cash email list. If friends and family would like to receive Crusader Cash emails for opportunities to earn Rewards for MCC families, they can fill out our Email List Changes form. If you are currently receiving emails and would like to opt out, please use the Email List Changes form for that as well.

Your Crusader Cash account number is the same as your Smart Tuition Family ID, which can be found by logging into Smart Tuition or on emails you receive from Smart Tuition.

If you have friends or family that you would like to be able to earn rewards for you, please share your Crusader Cash/Smart Tuition ID number with them.

Have Questions About Crusader Cash?

Email the Crusader Cash Committee at