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Virtual Preschool & Kindergarten Roundup

In this video, topics discussed are, “A dozen reasons to choose Catholic Schools,” “Meet Mrs. Callow” and more. View the video on Youtube.

Muskegon Catholic Preschool


Preschool ~ 3 years old ~ Tues/Wed/Thurs ~ 8:00 AM-3:00 PM ~ $2,950
(Optional half day choice: Preschool/3 year old/Tues,Wed,Thurs/12:00 PM-3:00 PM/$1,770)

PreKindergarten ~ 4 years old ~ Mon-Fri ~ 8:00 AM-3:00 PM ~ $4,915
(Optional half day choice: PreKindergarten/4 year old/Mon-Fri/8:00 AM-11:00 AM/$2,950)

Small Blessings Childcare ~ PRE-6th grade ~ Mon-Fri ~ Hours vary by demand
(Open to all registered Preschool students for before and after school care)

If interested, please contact Megan Rosema at 231-291-0344.

Preschool Staff

Stephanie Callow, PK-6 Principal
 231.755.2201 x3540

Kristi Wagenmaker, PK-6 Admin Assistant
 231.755.2201 x3450

Susan Dugener, Preschool Teacher
 231.755.2201 x3230

Beth Adamski, Preschool Aide

Megan Rosema, Childcare Director
231.755.2201 x3710

Preschool Curriculum

Muskegon Catholic Central Preschool program follows an age-appropriate and developmental theme-based curriculum. This high-quality program engages children in active hands-on learning and meaningful relevant experiences. The curriculum builds on the needs and interests of the children and values play and social interaction in a Christ-centered classroom. Experienced and qualified teachers introduce early literacy, math, science, gross/fine motor skills, and much more!

Faith. Moving. Forward.

Children in the MCC preschool program also begin their own faith journey by observing together the beauty, wonder, and joy-giving elements of their lives. We help the child know a loving God through family and friends, creation, and their senses.  We read Bible stories designed for their level of understanding, begin the day with prayer, and celebrate the Holy days and feasts of the Church. We also teach a simple prayer before snack and the Sign of the Cross.  Christian living and proper social behavior are stressed in all of our activities.


Muskegon Catholic K-6

Gr. K-6 Administrative Staff

Mrs. Stephanie Callow, PK-6 Principal ~extension 3540

Mrs. Kristi Wagenmaker, PK-6 Admin Assistant ~extension 3450

Important Info & Links

Lunch Menu

Rotini Pasta
Wed, November 18, 2020
with meat sauce
Garlic Toast
Carrots with ranch

Hamburger with Cheese
Thu, November 19, 2020
French Fries
Orange Wedges

Soft Warm Pretzel with Cheese Dip
Fri, November 20, 2020
Peppers with hummus
Raisins, peaches

Mini Corn Dogs
Mon, November 23, 2020
Baked chips
Carrots with ranch

Chicken Nuggets
Tue, November 24, 2020
Celery sticks with ranch
Fruit of the day