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You Pay - We Pay Program

Crusader Cash business partners help Crusader Cash families EARN & WIN families for doing business with them

EARN Rewards
Each business partner has a coupon posted, to the right, with their product or service that offer chances to EARN Rewards. Take the coupon posted with you or let the business partner know you are a Crusader Cash family member, relative or friend so that your Earned rewards will be applied to your Crusader Cash Student account or to the Crusader Cash General Fund.

Once the business partners send your rewards to the Crusader Cash Committee, your rewards are applied to your student account.

WIN Rewards
All families that EARN Rewards by doing business with each You Pay - We Pay Business partners have more chances to WIN Rewards.  At the end of each school year, the Crusader Cash Committee holds a drawing for those Crusader Cash families who have EARNED rewards through out the year for doing business with each business partner. 

By doing business with You Pay - We Pay Business Partners you EARN Rewards from them and also have a chance to more WIN Rewards at the end of the school year. 

Are you a business owner interested in supporting Crusader Cash families?

The You Pay – We Pay program helps you market your business to MCC Crusader Cash families & friends while offering rewards towards their tuition. Buying products or services through your business allows families to EARN rewards towards tuition and gives them a chance to WIN more rewards through drawings held at the end of the school year by the Crusader Cash Committee.

How do you join the program?

Offer rewards to Crusader Cash families for doing business with you. Rewards can be given for purchasing products and/or services you provide. Rewards can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of an invoice.

Also, by doing business with you friends and family members of Crusader Cash families can have their rewards applied to any Crusader Cash registered account or the Crusader Cash General Fund.

To sign up or if you have any other questions please e-mail the Crusader Cash Committee [email protected]