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WIN Rewards

To be eligible to WIN Rewards, you must be an "active" Crusader Cash family by:

1. submitting Volunteer Time Sheets online 


2. Earning rewards in at least one EARN Program.

Click here for a list of Crusader Cash Volunteer Opportunities that qualify to WIN rewards.

You have chances to Win Rewards by Volunteering

Below you'll find information about two more opportunities to WIN rewards 

  • our $100 drawings to win rewards
  • our annual $1,000 volunteer of the year winner. 

$100 Volunteer Drawings

Three times a year 5 families WIN $100

To be entered you must an "active" Crusader Cash family

Drawings are held August 31, December 31 and May 31.

$1,000 Volunteer of the Year Winner

Would you like to be nominated to WIN $1,000?

To be considered you must an "active" Crusader Cash Family...

Each June the Volunteer of the Year WINS $1,000. Ballots are sent each May to registered Crusader Cash Families to cast their vote for the $1,000 winner.