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WIN Rewards

To be eligible to WIN Rewards, you must be an "active" Crusader Cash family.

1. submit Volunteer Time Sheets (form posted on Crusader Cash webpage right hand margin) 


2. Earn rewards in at least one EARN program 

Click here for a list of Crusader Cash Volunteer Opportunities that qualify to WIN rewards.

You have chances to Win Rewards by Volunteering

Below you'll find information about two more opportunities to WIN rewards 

  • our $100 drawings to win rewards
  • our annual $1,000 volunteer of the year winner. 

$100 Volunteer Drawings

Three times a year 5 families WIN $100

To be entered you must an "active" Crusader Cash family

Drawings are held August 31, December 31 and May 31.

$1,000 Volunteer of the Year Winner

Would you like to be nominated to WIN $1,000?

To be considered you must an "active" Crusader Cash Family...

Each June the Volunteer of the Year WINS $1,000. Ballots are sent each May to registered Crusader Cash Families to cast their vote for the $1,000 winner.