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Volunteer Opportunities

The 30th Annual Crusader Open is Friday, August 4, 2017 at Oak Ridge Golf Club.  We are in need of volunteers!  Sign-up here!

For additional information, contact Melanie Lyonnais, Event & Alumni Director, at 231-291-0348 or mlyonnais@muskegoncatholic.org.   

MCC is looking for help to restore trophies so that they can be displayed in the Crusader Hall of Fame.  We have several trophies that are in storage that are broken, missing plaques, years, etc.  Some might just need a little polish or adhesive while others will need parts replaced from from other trophies or taken to Trophy House.  This would also involve a little research to match up trophies to plaques that have fallen off.  This can be done at your convenience!

For additional information, contact Jason Stariha, Athletic Director, at 231-755-2201 x3460 or jstariha@muskegoncatholic.org

Spring-Grounds need to be cleaned up, grasses need to be divided and new plants planted.

Garden Exchange-Bring some of your overgrown plants and take some from the Dream Garden!

Fall-Mulch has to be spread by the bucket before school starts.

BYOGG-Bring Your Own Garden Gloves!


  • Help teachers with classroom updates & painting