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EARN Rewards with Upromise

 Earning Rewards

  • Join for free at Upromise.com 
  • Earn rewards when you buy products from participating retailers.
  • Earn rewards with online purchases by starting from their link on the Upromise site.
  • Link any debit or credit card to your Upromise account. You can even link multiple cards.
  • Earn rewards on ALL purchases when you use the Upromise Mastercard.
  • Friends & Family can also be linked to a user account.
  • Upromise earnings range from 1%-15%

Receiving Rewards

  • Go online to request cash rewards (minimum $10)
  • Allow approximately 10 business days to receive your rewards check
  • 100% of any Upromise check you turn in will be applied to your Crusader Cash account and makes you eligible to WIN more rewards

More Information
For more information, contact Ken Adamski by email or by phone at 231.739.0276