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Sources of Tuition Assistance

Tuition costs at Muskegon Catholic Central vary by grade level, parish membership and number of enrolled students in a family.  Tuition payments can be paid in full by the start of school in August or in quarterly or monthly payment via ACH through SMART TUITION.

Muskegon Catholic Central is committed to providing excellence in Catholic faith formation and academics at an affordable cost. It is our hope that every students who wants to attend Muskegon Catholic Central will be able to do so. Thanks to the generosity of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, members of the our Catholic Community and the Muskegon Catholic Education Foundation, there are many opportunities for Scholarships and tuition assistance.

A family’s need for financial aid is determined each year by the Muskegon Catholic Central Scholarship Committee. The committees utilizes key information supplied by SMART AID. The report generated by SMART AID provides the committee with a calculated “need” per family by considering factors such as family size, income and expenses, and assets and liabilities. All families interested in applying for financial aid are encouraged to complete and submit the SMART AID online application as early as possible. All aid is awarded on a first come first served basis. Please call the Muskegon Catholic Business Office at 231.755.2201, x 3400 with questions. We are interested in providing any assistance needed in completing the SMART AID online application.

MCEF Scholarship Funds

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, over 20 scholarships are available from the Muskegon Catholic Education Foundation. A student's financial aid package may be comprised of one or several of these scholarships. Click here for a list of scholarships and the criteria that must be met to qualify for each one. In addition to the criteria listed, financial need is also a determining factor in the award process. Therefore a Smart Aid application is required to qualify. 

Students will receive an initial award letter with a total dollar amount of aid awarded based on the level of need determined by Smart Aid. They will subsequently receive a letter listing the scholarship(s) that make up their award total. 

Diocese of Grand Rapids Aid

Under the direction of Bishop David Walkowiak, the Diocese of Grand Rapids offers the Bishop’s Scholarships to parishioners who are enrolling students in a Catholic School in the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

The Bishop’s Scholarship is awarded based on demonstrated need. Families interested in applying must complete and submit the SMART AID online applicationPlease check with the Muskegon Catholic business office for eligibility deadline dates.

New Family Grant

Families with students in grades K-12 who are new to Muskegon Catholic Central are eligible for a one-time New Family Grant of $250. Families with a preschooler will be eligible the year their student advances into Kindergarten, provided they have not received a New Family Grant in an earlier school year.

Parish Family Voucher

Many parishes offer a designated amount of support for their students enrolled at Muskegon Catholic Central. We have a Printable Parish Voucher Form you can complete and take to your parish to be signed by your pastor or parish delegate. Or we have an online form (Prince of Peace Online Voucher Form | Other Parishes Online Voucher Form). Please note that St Mary's Muskegon and Our Lady of Grace  have their own form that you will need to pick up from their parish office. 

Individual Parishes may have specific timelines for this process, typically between the months of March-April. They may also have additional requirements in order to approve the voucher. Once the family meets their parish's requirements, the voucher is signed and returned to the Muskegon Catholic Central Business Office for credit to your tuition invoice.  

Crusader Cash

Crusader Cash is a Muskegon Catholic Education Foundation Fund that allows enrolled and active Crusader Cash families to earn rewards used to offset their tuition. Opportunities to EARN include purchasing SCRIP, collecting Box Tops for education, participating in Upromise and more. Families will also have opportunities to win rewards for participating in EARN programs and by volunteering.


SCRIP is a term that means 'substitute money'. When you purchase SCRIP, you are purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. SCRIP can be used to pay for everyday items such as food, clothing and other essentials. With every purchase you earn dollars to be used to help pay the next year's tuition. And since you pay face value for SCRIP, these earnings come at no additional cost to you.