Trophy Case Project

The lockers in the "Hall of Fame" used by students in the original school starting in 1953 have not been used for well over two decades. During this same period, the success of our athletic teams has created an overabundance of trophies with not nearly enough space to display them all properly. Thanks to the expertise of woodworker Henry Salisz, the first set of lockers were removed and replaced with a trophy case in the spring of 2014.  The cost of each case (3 sections) complete with materials, electrical and labor is $2500. Cases can be purchased as a whole or by section for $850 each.  Each sections is fitted with a plaque to signify the donor.  If you are interested or would like more information, please call 231-291-0348.

Current plaques:

  • Donated by Alfred and Virginia Cayo
  • Donated by the MCC Classes of 1963
  • Donated by the MCC Class of 2013
  • In memory of Coach Roger Chiaverini-he made you believe
  • In memory of Donny Pasco '73, tailback, whose picture should be above-Bob Blais '73
  • In memory of Ray Cioe and his love for MCC
  • In loving memory of Frankie Belmonte '71
  • Donated by Joseph '61 and Gloria (McDowell) '62 Cote
  • Donated by the MCC Classes of 1963 & 1965
  • In honor and appreciation of Henry Salisz for 60 years of craftsmanship and service to MCC and its students-The Class of 1973
  • Frank '58 & Nancy Cereska
    Nathan Cereska '99
    Alexandra Cereska '09
  • Donated by Elmer & Dolores Kohley
  • Donated by
    Barry '68 & Marcia (Uher) '70 Kohley
    Joyce (Kohley) '69 & Randy Schau
    Lance '72 & Sue (Christian) '71 Kohley
    Alan '73 & Deidre Kohley
  • In loving memory of Elmer Kohley
  • In memory of Bill Wolski '62, Donated by Jerry '58 & JoAnne (LaPres) '59 Wolski
  • Debbie Farhat '72
    Dianna Farhat '81
  • Edmund & Virginia Farhat
  • David Farhat '76
    Dano Farhat '78
  • Knights of Columbus #706 & Building Association
  • In Honor of Mike Robillard who was a Coach, Mentor and Friend of MCC to Always have Respect for the Game.
  • In memory of Ron and Lorraine Wolff. Believers in Catholic values and Catholic education.
  • In memory of Harry and Claire Dexter
    Thanks for the education, and life!
    Daniel B. Dexter MCC 1972
  • Donated by The Class of 1957.  MCC's First Four Year Graduation Class.
  • In loving memory of Michael "Papa" and Donna Ladd
    Geralyn '79, Anne '80, Dave '81, Mary '84, Tom '86 and Lisa '88