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A Spice Above

A Spice Above $5.00 spice packets
Spices contain all natural ingredients - No Gluten - No MSG - No Preservatives (except for Hearty Cheesy Bacon)
Flavors offered range from veggie, spicy, seafood and many more!
Easy to make - mix with 1 cup of mayo & 1 cup of sour cream - chill for 1-2 hours or overnight
Dips taste just like the FLAVOR listed & good for you too!

Great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gifts!

Each Spice packet sells for $5.00 You EARN $2.50
Sell 5 packets @ $25 EARN $12.50
Minimum order - 5 packets, any combination of flavors listed/offered
Only order the number of spices you can sell - more may be available if you sell out
But first order is NOT returnable

Sell 5 packets your name will be entered into drawing to WIN $10 (we can determine how many to pull)
Sell 20 ($100 earn $50.) name entered WIN $20
Family selling the MOST Wins $50

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