March 12, 2020 5:16 PM

Dear Crusader Families:

As you know, yesterday we woke up to the fact that the first two confirmed cases of coronavirus in Michigan caused Governor Whitmer to declare a state of emergency. Later in the day, the Governor issued “her interim recommendations for COVID-19 Community Mitigation Strategies” for businesses, workplaces, schools, community organizations, health care institutions, individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and health profiles. 

This is an evolving and daunting situation. Realizing that our state and local health officials are most in the know, we are leaning on their expertise and insight in framing our response to the situation. Certainly keeping all Crusaders safe and exposure free is at the forefront of our thought process. We will continue to monitor all information provided to us from the CDC, the Michigan Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The MCC Leadership and Crisis teams will meet daily to assess the situation and make any decisions that are warranted and appropriate for Muskegon Catholic Central.

Based on the Governor’s recommendations, please note the following:

  • Muskegon Catholic Central, as a matter of policy and practice, already has adopted the sanitary and hygiene safeguards and protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The single most effective way to stop the spread of this and any illness is cleanliness - in particular handwashing. We will be renting handwashing stations to be placed in the hallways to provide additional opportunities throughout the school day for students to wash their hands. Passing times between classes will be lengthened so that students have ample opportunity to wash their hands. Teachers will be asked to use the extra time to wipe down desktops, door handles, and other places touched by students.

  • In accordance with school policy, we ask that sick students and staff remain at home. Students who become sick during the school day are separated from well students until a parent arrives to take them home.

  • Elementary parents are encouraged to drop off their students by the Morse Gym in the morning.

  • Currently, our 7-12 students eat lunch in the same half-hour time slot. We will separate the lunches into two sections.

  • Communal prayer experiences will be temporarily suspended. As a Catholic school, we will continue to offer community-based prayer experiences. We will ask our students to report to their homeroom or first block class and a similar prayer experience will be provided over the PA. We are still discussing how to make it possible for our faith community to gather for the Holy Mass each week.

  • The Life - Shining Light on Your Future program developed for 7th - 12th-grade students will be postponed. Our hope is that we will be able to arrange for this special program to be rescheduled later in the semester.

  • The Governor has asked that we postpone or suspend all events where over 100 people will gather. In order to do that:

    • The Fish Fry experience will change on March 13th. We will offer take-out dinners only. Please help us get the word out informing would-be patrons that they will not be able to dine in the cafeteria. This will be reassessed for Friday, March 20th.

    • Next week is the opening weekend of West Side Story, our 50th Spring Musical. We are discussing and continuing to evaluate how we might allow our incredible thespians to share their stage talents. As those plans are finalized, you will be informed. The show must go on and we diligently working on ways to make that happen within the Governor's recommendation.

MHSAA has suspended all winter postseason events indefinitely. This includes the district final basketball game scheduled for tomorrow evening in Cioe Gym. We will continue to monitor any recommendations from the MHSAA concerning spring sports.

Please know that we will continue our efforts to monitor all information provided to us from the state and local agencies. In order to keep you as informed as possible, Remind is in the process of being reinstated as a notification tool. An email from Barb Antekeier will give you the necessary information about ensuring that your cell phone number and email address are included in any Remind notifications sent.

These are certainly trying and rapidly changing times. I thank you for your help in reinforcing good hygiene practices, and for your patience and flexibility. If at some point it becomes necessary to close MCC, the decision will be made under the guidance of the public health officials. We will give you as much notice as possible in the event of a closure. For now, Muskegon Catholic Central is open.

During our Leadership Team meeting yesterday afternoon, we spent a great deal of time discussing alternative methods of delivering lessons in the event that MCC was faced with an extending closure. We will release detailed information about these plans in the event that they need to be enacted.

May God continue to bless you, your family, and all Crusaders! Please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the MCC Leadership Team if you have questions or concerns.

In Christ always!

Ken R. Rasp

President, Muskegon Catholic Central

231-291-0324 - Office

[email protected]