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Lend a Hand Coupon Book Fundraiser

For 37 years, the YOU CAN LEND A HAND program has raised money for local Catholic schools in West Michigan.

2019 $3.00 Coupon books have $60 value to West Michigan Chili's & Burger King. Coupons expire Sept. 30, 2019


$3.00 Coupon books you order are yours and they cannot be returned, so order ONLY the number of books you want to sell. 

  • Your cost of each book is .50 cents. 
  • You sell them for $3.00. You EARN $2.50 for each book you sell.
  • Minimum order is 10 books. Sell 10 books @ $30.00 you EARN $25.00
  • Additional books can be ordered in any quantity, initial order is 10 books  
  • Additional books MAY be available after sale starts in Feb. depending on how many extra are printed by Lend a Hand.   


  • Deadline to order books Tues. Oct. 16th, 2018. Only families who order books by deadline are eligible to WIN the Rewards offered below.
  • Selling period Feb. 2019  
  • Payment in full is due FRI March 1st, 2019. Only those who have payment in full turned in by the deadline will have student account entered into drawings to WIN the incentives noted below.

EARN Rewards

  • Sell 10 books, your cost $5.00, your EARNED Reward is $25.00 
  • Sell  50 books, your cost $25, your EARNED Reward $125.
  • Sell 100 books - your cost $50 - Your EARNED Reward $250 

WIN Rewards - sell books for 3 chances to WIN

  • WIN $10. Sell 10 books and your name will be entered into drawing to WIN $10. 10 names will be drawn to WIN $10.
  • WIN $50. Sell 50 books and your name will be entered into drawing to to WIN $50 and $10 in the drawing above.    ONE family who sells 50 books will WIN $50 
  • WIN $100. Sell 100 or more and you have 3 chances to WIN, your name will be in the 3 drawings, for a  chance to WIN $10.00, $50 and $100.  ONE Family will WIN $100 

To be eligible to WIN you must have payment in full to the MCC Business office by Fri. March 1st. by 4:00 and have placed your order for books by the the deadline of Tues Oct. 16th, 2018