Lakeshore Coupon Book 2020

Lakeshore Coupon Books

EARN Rewards

EARN Your cost for each book is $12.50 Sell for $25 and EARN $12.50 

  • There is no minimum amount of books to order, but please only order books you know you can sell. If you sell out on your first order you can order more before the deadline date of the sale.
  • each book contain $5,000+ worth of coupons from local and national merchants. Coupons expire Dec. 2020.
  • Books from other cities in Michigan & National areas are also available to sell. Email the Crusader Cash Committee for more details of locations available.

WIN Rewards

3 chances to WIN Rewards for selling a minimum of 5 books

  • WIN $50. Sell the most books & WIN $50. If there is a tie there will be a drawing.
  • WIN $20. Sell 10 books and have chances to WIN $20
  • WIN $10. Sell   5 books and have chances to WIN $10

For more details click on the order form to the right

To view the coupons in the book click on the sample coupon book link to the right

1 FREE Book for every 5 books you sell

Sellers, that turn in their money by the deadline date Dec 2. will receive 1 free book for every 5 sold. You can keep the book(s) for yourself OR sell them and EARN $25 for your student account. 

If you intend to order & sell 5 books and want your FREE book when books are initially dispersed you can pay the cost of the 5 books $62.50 when you pick up your books & sign them out.  Any money you turn in by Dec. 2 will go on your Crusader Cash family account and count toward your chances to WIN Rewards.

You can also pay in full for any books you order when you pick them up. Your EARNED rewards are then added to your Crusader Cash family account and you are then eligible to WIN Rewards after Dec 2 deadline

If you want your free book(s) at the time of pick up please email the Crusader Cash Committee and they will have an extra book with your order.  Whoever picks up the books must have payment for the cost of the books you order OR payment for the total order.

Books make great Holiday GIFTS!!!!