Welcome to Muskegon Catholic Central High School! We are blessed with the opportunity to work with your children in seventh through twelfth grade as they mature into young adults.

Academic rigor, college readiness and character development are the focus at Muskegon Catholic Central. Our high school curriculum offers an honors track and four AP classes, as students are encouraged to take challenging classes. The PSAT and SAT test results help the guidance department advise each student on his or her college selection. Ninety-eight percent of MCC graduates continue their education after high school.

Every student is known and valued at MCC as they continue to learn about the wonderful gifts that God has given them. As the students mature and become more independent, we are able to provide a faith-based teaching approach to the many social, ethical, and moral issues that they face in our society. Time and time again, our students tell us how much they appreciate the opportunity to pray, worship and share their faith with each other in a safe, caring environment.

Extra-curricular activities play an important role for most of our high school students. Because of our small size, every student has the ability to participate on a team, play in the band, or take part in our famous annual musical. Extra-curricular activities provide wonderful opportunities to build leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence in each student. Every student finds a place to shine at MCC.

Please call Mrs. Allison Aldrich, 7-12 Principal at 231-755-2201 X3200 to set up a time to visit MCC so that you can find out more about being a part of the Crusader family!


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