Return to learn muskegon catholic central

Dear Crusader family:

Thank you for your patience and diligence. We have been working on our MCC Start of School plan for most of the summer. The only things that are static in this endeavor are its enormous challenge and how quickly and often the information changes. Otherwise, all things remain dynamic in terms of response. 

Though tested this spring at a level deeper than at any point in its existence, Muskegon Catholic Central did what it does best - it found a way to proactively and positively challenge its students to be more than they could be. Not one to stand and wait, talented and passionate educators have been prayerfully and purposefully meeting to ensure a healthy and beneficial readiness for the new school year. Being true to the MCC mission of providing a quality educational experience involving the spirit, mind, and body was at the forefront of their collective thought processes. Especially during these times filled with anxiety and fear, the commitment was to continue to be a leader in the region by providing a quality, Catholic educational experience for each student. 

Last evening, the MCC COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan for 2020-2021 was presented to the MCC Board of Trustees. With their endorsement, I am excited to share that Muskegon Catholic Central will begin the school year with in-person learning for all students going five days per week. Attached you will find documents that detail the Instruction Plans both PreK-6 and 7-12. The plans are comprehensive and comply with all requirements in the MI Safe Schools Roadmap. Most importantly, they will allow us to step boldly forward with confidence that we are ready to serve our students and families forthrightly, and faithfully whether that be in-person or via e-learning. In the safest way possible, we will teach, and students will learn.

Please note that the Instructional Plans include models for both in-person (Phase 4) and e-learning (Phase 3). Our hope is that we will be able to stay in Phase 4 or beyond and utilize the in-person model all year long. We also want to be prepared to step into an e-learning environment seamlessly and at a moment’s notice due to the ever-changing nature of the current situation. 

On Wednesday, August 19th, we will reconnect as a school and faith community at 1145 W. Laketon Ave. with in-person learning. We will continue with in-person learning as long as we remain in Phase 4, and the health department allows us to. We will follow the three W’s - Watch your distance, Wear a face covering, and Wash hands often. We will require daily temperature checks of all students and staff, provide opportunities throughout the day for hand washing, and have copious amounts of hand sanitizer in the classrooms and high traffic areas All students and staff will be required to either pre-screen or screen before entering the building. Adequate PPE has been procured. Safety and cleaning plans are being finalized. We are prepared and ready to welcome our staff and students back. Yes, there will be restrictions and guidelines to be followed. As Crusaders, we will stride forward proudly, allowing us to do what we do best - faculty will teach and students will learn.

Please expect continued and regular communication from MCC in the days leading up to August 19th. The fluidity of the situation requires that the plan be considered a work in progress. We will be diligently monitoring and assessing to revise and enhance the plan appropriately. Please stay close to your email so that you can be informed and in the know. 

We must remain committed, flexible, and agile. Our mission has not changed. We are required to provide excellence in faith formation and academics. We will do it in-person or remotely and will strive to do it better than anyone else along the Lakeshore. It is the Crusader Way!

I close with a request. I need everyone’s full 100% commitment to finding hope and optimism amid a world filled with anxiety and pessimism. I am convinced that together we stand taller and more durable than this virus.

May God continue to bless you, your family, and all Crusaders!

Ken R. Rasp

President, Muskegon Catholic Central