Google Data Export

Congratulations graduates! To make a smooth transition from student to Crusader alum, please review the following information about exporting any data you would like to retain from your Google Apps for Education Account.

Export Files from Google Drive

Use Google’s Takeout tool to create and download an archive of the Google Docs you own. This is a service from Google that allows you to download a ZIP file of your docs from Google Drive so you can manually upload them to a new account.

Copy Emails to a Personal Gmail Account

Use Google’s Mail Fetcher tool or Google Takeout to copy your existing email to another Gmail account.

Move Gmail Contacts

You can also export your contacts from Gmail as a CSV file, which can then be imported into a personal Gmail account.

Submit Your New Email to Receive Alumni Updates

Keep us updated with your new email address and other contact information so we can let you know about alumni news and events.