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EARN Rewards




SAVE clipped & bonus boxtops then submit them by deadlines in Oct. & Feb. for Boxtops Reward check. Your earned rewards are placed on your Crusader Cash account each June. 

SCAN digital boxtops year round and submit your totals by May 31. Boxtops for Education tracks your  scanned totals June 1 through May 31 each year. Print and submit a copy of your digital submissions and any one else that scans for your family account. Your totals will be added to your Crusader Cash account each June. 


Wesco Popcorn Buckets - Buckets are sold each Fall for $12.00 and you EARN $6.00. Buyers get FREE refills from date of purchase until the end of the following year.

Lakeshore Coupon Books- Books are sold in the Fall for $25 and you EARN $12.50. Books contains $5,000+ worth of savings locally and nation wide. Coupons are good from date of purchase through the following year.

Lend a Hand- Each Feb. sell Lend a Hand $3.00 coupon books and EARN $2.50 for each book you sell. Books are ordered by families in Oct. and are dispersed to be sold in Feb. 


Great Lakes SCRIP- is handled through Jeff Plyler in the MCC Business office. Reach out to Jeff for assistance to open your SCRIP account. The MCC Business office will show your scrip rebates on your June tuition statement. 

If you buy SCRIP and you want a chance to WIN Rewards, you need to submit an online Crusader Cash SCRIP Account Form by May 1 each year. Winners are drawn only from those families who submit forms to the Crusader Cash Committee and have EARNED rebates June through May each year. If someone is also buying SCRIP for your family account then submit a form for them and their names are also entered into the drawing to WIN rewards for you. 

By Participating in EARN programs you have chances to WIN Rewards.