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EARN Rewards


  • Boxtops - save clipped & bonus boxtops for your student account or donate them to the General Crusader Cash account for families to WIN Rewards
  • School Spirit Labels - all UPC labels are deposited into the General Crusader Cash Account for families to WIN more rewards


  • Lend a Hand- sell Lend a Hand $3.00 coupon books
  • Resale Shop - sell or donate your items in the Crusader Cash Re$ale shop


  • You Pay We Pay- purchase goods or services from our business partners 
  • Great Lakes SCRIP- register to buy gift cards for rewards. Be sure your submit your Crusader Cash SCRIP Account Form so your rewards are applied to your Crusader Cash Student Account and you have chances to WIN more rewards. 
  • Upromise - register online, make a purchase with any credit card, request your Reward check from Upromise then deposit check into your Crusader Cash Student account.  

 You have chances to WIN rewards by participating in EARN Reward Programs.