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O come let’s sing Crusaders’ praise,
A song to alma mater raise,
Green and gold will always be,
The color of school memories.
Our source of faith, of fun and pride,
When studies, sports and arts we tried.
Time and change will help us see,
How God has blessed us-MCC.

Welcome, to all who have shared the Crusader Experience…

Come say “hello” and touch base.  Tell your fellow alumni about your life since you graduated.  Career, family, travels, and anything else you want to share – we want to know how Muskegon Catholic Central has impacted your life.  So send us news and pictures (please email them to Amber Wallace, Director of Advancement ) – we would love to share your story! YOU are the best sales pitch we can offer to our new generation of Crusader kids!

And if you’d like to offer financial support to your alma mater’s continuing efforts to provide the finest education available to the largest possible number of students, learn more about our fundraising efforts here!

Let’s Stay Connected – we strive to keep the Crusader family up-to-date on what’s happening at Muskegon Catholic Central. If you are a graduate of MCC, email your contact information to Amber Wallace, Director of Advancement to be added to our mail/email list and be sure to like us on Facebook!